Medgo Dear Foundation

I. Land

Medgo Dear Centre Kithyoko is on a 4-acre land at Kithyoko Market, Machakos County.

II. Buildings

i. Accommodation & Front office Bloc

ii. Physiotherapy & Rest Hall for the children

iii. Kitchen & Bakery Hall. The hall is used as a class room awaiting equipping for bakery services to begin to boost self-sustainability for the Centre

iv.  Pit latrine. It is not disability friendly.

III. Enrollment of the children

  • ​The current enrolment stands at 55 children. In any given time over 40 children are residing at the centre, whereas the others are either day scholars or come on appointment. This includes those who have improved and gone to normal schools
  • In 2016, 7 children overcame their disabilities, gained sufficient self-independence and went home to live normal life
  • In the next two years, other 6 shall also be going home. This is great given that they all came unable to sit and move their limbs

IV. Current Staff

  • Therapists 2
  • Class room Teacher 1
  • Vocational Teacher 1
  • Matrons 3
  • Cooks 1
  • Grounds man 1
  • Administrator 1